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The Brillat-Savarin school, OSZ Gastgewerbe Berlin, is Germany’s biggest vocational school with a focus on the hotel and hospitality industry. We cover nearly all the different stages of secondary and further education. Ranging from vocational preparation courses (e.g. OBF), to initial apprenticeship up until advanced professional training. Our focus is on initial apprenticeships. At this level we teach all the trades of the hotel and hospitality industry.
Our school is named after Jean Anthèlme Brillat-Savarin. He became well-known for his book “The Physiology of Taste”, which proved he was a great connoisseur of food.

Our mission statement is to be:

Competent, student-centred and cosmopolitan.


A motto, that we not only guarantee our students, but also something, we demand from them.

Competent means not only for professional expertise but also for methodological and social competence. At this school we offer students the chance to learn everything they need for their professional development in an ever-changing world.
What we expect from our students, not only in class, is participation, punctuality, an engaged attitude.

Being student-centred, for us, corresponds directly with one of the guiding principles of the hospitality industry – customer service, which we try hard to pass on to our students.
For us school  is first of all an event for the students. They should feel comfortable at our school.
Student-orientation also means to encourage and support students to develop their capacity, not only the low achievers but also the engaged and driven persons.
What we expect from the students is that they behave in the same way as you would expect from a good customer. That means that they should take care of the buildings, the classrooms and the school’s equipment and materials.

Cosmopolitan for us is to think outside the box and to be open-minded to other people and cultures. This is especially important for apprentices in the hospitality industry for three reasons:
Firstly, our apprentices take care of international guests on a daily basis, secondly, they work in international teams and thirdly, we want them to able to work abroad once they finish their apprenticeship.
With projects with international partner schools and excursions abroad – to France, Poland, Norway and South Africa – this school aims to support the students in this endeavour.

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